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Sadly, Dr. John Toussaint is not on the list of nominees.

I voted for some of the better “lean thinkers” and quality improvement voices on the list:

(you can only vote for 5)

The list of nominees is dominated by politicians and elected leaders. Such is the state of healthcare. It would be nice to not have a politician not top the list for once. To me, that last statement of mine has nothing to do with party politics… I just wish the people who were actually working to make healthcare delivery better got more recognition as opposed to those who just pass laws.

As Dr. Berwick said, after starting his job in Washington:

“…each local community   — and only each local community – actually has the knowledge and the skills to define what is locally right.”

Top-down solutions aren't going to come from Congress, the White House, or HHS, regardless of the party that's in charge.

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