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How Standard Should Standard Improvement Boards Be?

Guest Post by Joe Swartz: At Franciscan Health, we were struggling to create a system-wide standard for our improvement boards. Although we had deployed them to over 50 departments across our 14 hospitals, it has been a struggle to agree on what the boards should look like. Five of our hospitals used rows for each key metric while nine of our hospitals used columns for each key metric. However, now our leadership was asking us to become more standardized across our system.

How 200 Jobs Were Saved by Engaging Employees in Continuous Improvement

Mark's Note: Today's post is the first guest post by Jess Orr, who you might remember from the webinars that she did for KaiNexus. I hope you enjoy the post... As a continuous improvement practitioner, I recently faced a challenge that seemed nearly insurmountable.

Can Humility Lead to Excellence?

Mark's Note: Today's post is by Kay Kendall, CEO & Principal of BaldrigeCoach.  You might remember her from episode #277 of my podcast. She's the co-author of Leading the Malcolm Baldrige Way: How World-Class Leaders Align Their Organizations to Deliver Exceptional Results. Kay sent this out recently via her email newsletter and I asked her if I could share it here.

Is “Learn from Your Elders” Being Replaced With “Learn from Your...

Mark's Note: Today's guest post was written in partnership with the Society for Health Systems, an organization I highly recommend to those who work...

Congratulations to Jeff Liker on his Retirement from the University of...

Mark's Note: Last month, I was notified about Prof. Jeff Liker's retirement from the University of Michigan after 35 years. I wasn't able to...

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs!

In this post, Paul Critchley writes about signs not being a good solution to most problems. Does posting a sign mean that people understand it or that it's going to be followed?

The Challenge of PDSA: Feeling Like You’ve Fallen Short

Mark's note: Today's post is by Cristal Totterman, a pharmacist and Lean leader I have known for a couple of years now. She's written a post that made me think about and reflect on the never-ending journey of improvement, both as individuals and organizations.

Do We Want The Same Results?

Thanks to Sam Selay for today's guest post. Although he's writing about the government and the military, I think you'll find it interesting regardless of your industry. Read an excerpt from Sam's chapter of Practicing Lean.

Guest Post: What Will Process Excellence Look Like in 2025?

Mark's Note: Today's guest post is brought to you through a media partnership between LeanBlog.org and PEX Network. Lean Blog readers can get a 15%...

Guest Post: Learning to Change our Change Management Approach

Mark's Note: Today's post is by a new contributor, Nathalie Khodr. We met a few years back in San Antonio thanks to our shared...

Could Lean Thinking Have Prevented the Recent Disney Tragedy?

For many families, making a trip to Walt Disney World is the quintessential family vacation. My wife and I started planning our Disney trip...

The Blame and Shame(ful) Culture of Healthcare

Mark's Note: This is another guest post by Drew Locher (check out past posts and my podcast with him). There's been a lot in...