Kay Kendall

Kay Kendall
I love working with people who are as passionate about excellence as I am. For more than 20 years, the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence has been my mental model for how organizations can transform from being good to being "award worthy." Using the Baldrige Excellence Framework, I work with organizations across all sectors, large and small, to help senior leaders create focus and alignment, and to engage their workforce to achieve exceptional results. As a Principal in BaldrigeCoach, I tailor each engagement to the unique strengths and challenges of that organization. Using proven change leadership techniques, we create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. I also continue to give back to the Baldrige community as a volunteer by serving as an examiner or Judge for the national program as well as many of the other Baldrige-based programs. I also serve as a technical editor and facilitate examiner training for some of these programs. I am frequently asked to present at conferences as well as to provide customized in-house workshops. These opportunities only deepen my appreciation for all of the people engaged in making their organizations better through their commitment to excellence.

Can Humility Lead to Excellence?

Mark's Note: Today's post is by Kay Kendall, CEO & Principal of BaldrigeCoach.  You might remember her from episode #277 of my podcast. She's the co-author of Leading the Malcolm Baldrige Way: How World-Class Leaders Align Their Organizations to Deliver Exceptional Results. Kay sent this out recently via her email newsletter and I asked her if I could share it here.