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Lean Cartoons

Cartoons started in 2014 in collaboration with Carrie Howarth.

carrie howarth

Lean Parodies

Links to various parodies and April Fool's Jokes from

lean parodies

Be More Careful

A funny look at ineffective warning signs.

Be More Careful

Doctor Muda

The world's first (and only?) Lean Healthcare Comedian

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 8.15.01 AM

Lean Memes

Funny images and memes that relate to Lean and Lean Startups.

Lean Memes

Doofus and Leanie

A parody of the old Goofus and Gallant cartoons

goofus and leanie

Lean Laughs

Cartoons from Pascal Dennis and Lean Pathways. Sign up to receive these via email.

Lean Laughs

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