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A Look Back at LeanBlog April Fools’ Pranks, Including Wii Lean...

2024 Update: A new April Fool's Post for KaiNexus... or is it? The Rediscovered Origins of KaiNexus: A 1980s Video Game The Full Collection of Previous...

A Modern Version of Lucy and the Chocolate Factory — But...

I bet many of you know the famous "Chocolate Factory" scene from the TV classic "I Love Lucy." Even if you're too young to...

The Book “Rivethead” and GM’s Demeaning “Quality Cat” Mascot

I've updated and am republishing an old 2005 blog post that I wrote about a former GM assembly worker, Ben Hamper, who has some...

Looking for Waste and Bad Process at the Order Grill from...

I love the show "Portlandia" and I also love the "Toast Kaizen" video. I bet the latter is more well known and is more...

Look Out! Be Careful! That Chart is Out of Control!?!

Here's the latest cartoon collaboration with a skilled artist and medical assistant, Carrie Schurman (see past cartoons). You can find her on Twitter as @carrieschurman. The idea for this cartoon came from Maggie Millard, the director of marketing at KaiNexus. Maggie has learned about Process Behavior Charts from me and some of the stories are incorporated into my book Measures of Success.  What does this "out of control chart" look like and why did it make me chuckle?

2018 Lean Healthcare Draft – Mock Draft Projections and Exclusive Fake...

Tonight is the start of the NFL Draft, which almost gets as much coverage nowadays as a Presidential election. Can you imagine if CNBC and other TV channels spent as much time focusing on which Lean Healthcare prospects would be "drafted" from our leading universities and medical schools? Here is our exclusive and official Lean Blog mock draft, featuring picks from our Lean Healthcare draft expert, Mel Kaizen, Jr.

Friday Fun: “Bronze Orientation” Video

I sometimes try to share some light or funny on Fridays to get into the weekend with a laugh. I want to thank @BrianSJ on Twitter for his tweet pointing me to a hilarious video from a British TV show "That Mitchell and Webb Look."

Santa’s Little Kaizeneers?

Thanks to my friend Sylvain for sending me this cartoon. It would have been more timely for me to share this before Christmas, but there's an opportunity for improvement. The cartoon series is called Real Life Adventures by Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich. This particular cartoon appeared on December 13, 2017. Here's the top part... please click through to their website to see the entire cartoon and I'll talk about it here in this post, sharing links to other blog posts and videos on the topic.

[Cartoon] Money to Burn / Dumpster Fire Fighting in Healthcare

We don't have money for improvement initiatives, but we do have money to burn on a daily basis due to poor quality and bad systems?

Guest Post: An Exciting Innovation and MVP – The “Uber Sensei”...

Dr. Les Muda here... I’ve been working Uber to help them to disrupt another stale industry… not just taxi drivers, but Lean Sensei (or is it “senseis?”). Check out my planned app.

[April Fool] Coming Soon – 4th Revised Edition of “Lean Hospitals”

It's time for another new, revised edition of my book! The 4th edition is the fastest new edition yet, since the world is changing quickly and increasingly uncertain. Hospitals need to react now! Do something! Cut costs! Reduce costs! Slash costs!

CUBS Win! Chicago Hospital Implements First Staff-Driven Improvement in 108 Years

Snapping a historic 108-year drought, a small hospital, Chicago Community Use Bariatric Health Services (CUBS), implemented their first employee-driven improvement idea Wednesday night, breaking a long curse.