10 Key Lean Mindsets for Factories, Hospitals, Startups, and More


Here's my latest post for LinkedIn through their “Influencers” series. It might be old hat to readers of this blog, but I hope what I shared is useful for a wider audience that I have there.

10 Key Lean Mindsets for Factories, Hospitals, Startups, and More

You can also read it on Medium.com.

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I know I barely scratched the surface… what mindsets would you add? I think “respect for people” is embedded in all of this.

Listen to Mark read the post (subscribe to the podcast):

A few tweetable thoughts from the article:

Use only reliable, thoroughly tested technology that serves your people and processes. Click To Tweet As they also say at Toyota, No problems is a problem. Click To Tweet Forcing people to embrace #Lean methods in a command & control way misses the point completely. Click To Tweet

Tweet of the Day

It's not that the hospital didn't follow their post-surgical counts procedure… they DIDN'T HAVE ONE? How is that even possible in the year 2015?

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