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Dr. Deming on Why Improvement Stalls Out, Today’s Hospital Patient Safety...

Can leaders get some improvement just by asking for it? Does improvement stall out if we don't have a method for doing so? What can "process behavior" charts show us in our work today?

Your “Lean Daily Management” Approach Would Be Even Better with Some...

Here is an article that I wrote and published on LinkedIn on Tuesday on the topic of managing metrics in a better, less wasteful, less frustrating, and more productive manner.

Meeting A Professional Hero: Donald J. Wheeler, PhD, of “Understanding Variation”

I recently got to meet Prof. Donald J. Wheeler when he gave a keynote talk at the Society for Health Systems Conference. Check out his book Understanding Variation and learn more about him in this post.

Data Without Context Have No Meaning: Emergency Department Wait Time Billboards

Patients waiting too long for the E.D. is a problem around the world. Many U.S. hospitals put up billboards that claim to shed light on how long you'll have to wait. But are the signs and numbers more confusing than helpful? Does it matter?

Better Metrics & “Understanding Variation” – An Important Topic for Healthcare

My favorite book, as I've written about before, is not a "Lean book" -- it's Understanding Variation: The Key to Managing Chaos by Donald J. Wheeler, PhD. It might look like a book about statistics...

Please Help with Research Topics – Understanding Variation & Reducing Blame

OK, so it's not the kind of scientific research that involves lab coats and microscopes, but I'm doing some research that I'd like your...

Why Red-Green Charts in Management are a Rear-View Mirror Approach

tl;dr: The article critiques the traditional use of red-green charts in management, likening it to driving by looking only at the rear-view mirror. It...

The Book that Changed Me: “Understanding Variation” by Don Wheeler

For my latest "LinkedIn Influencer" post, I was asked to participate in a series about "The Book that Changed Me." I chose to highlight not...

Can SPC Show if American Airlines Pilots are Staging a “Sick...

As a frequent flyer on American Airlines and a former DFW-area resident, I pay a lot of attention to the troubled airline. American is...

Are We 84.7% Certain We’re in the 90th Percentile?

Of course patient satisfaction is important for hospitals to focus on. This is often a vague and uncertain thing to measure, but as Dr....

Consulting Case Studies Need Statistical Validity

One of the books that's had the biggest impact on my work is Donald Wheeler's Understanding Variation: The Key to Managing Chaos. It's the...

Everett Clinic Video, Redux – The Need for SPC Thinking

Yesterday, my blog post featured a YouTube video that Everett Clinic was kind enough to share with the world, showing their Daily Huddle process...