The Collection of My Posts That Previewed #LeanStartupWeek


Today is the start of the main two days of 2017's Lean Startup Week event. I'm presenting tomorrow and doing the Red Bead Experiment. If you're here, please say hi to me! You might be able to attend a live video stream if there's a location near you.

I'll tweet about what I see and hear under the #LeanStartupWeek hashtag on Twitter.

Here are some posts and a podcast that I used to think through my topic for Friday and to preview / elaborate on what I can cover in a 15-minute talk.

Here is my podcast with Eric Ries about his new book:

Podcast #290 – @EricRies: From #Lean to #LeanStartup to #TheStartupWay

And here are my posts (or see them all by clicking here):

Stop Wasting People's Time (in a #LeanStartup or any Organization) by Separating Signal From Noise

How “Process Behavior Charts” Save Us Time and Help Us Sleep Better at Night

Don't Turn Your Performance Metrics into “Success Theater”

Why We Should All Consider Eric Ries's “Employee's Bill of Rights”

If You React to Every Blip in the Metrics, Then Nothing is a Priority?

Why We Should All Consider Eric Ries's “Employee's Bill of Rights”

How Are “Quality Posters” Like This Still a Thing?

Thanks for checking out the posts… or if you've already seen them, I apologize for the duplication and redundancy :-)

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