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How Authors Can Stress Less Over Their Metrics [Webinar Recording]

I published this over on LinkedIn yesterday... you can also read it on Medium.com: How Authors Can Stress Less Over Their Metrics When I started writing...

Don’t Overexplain College Football Playoff TV Ratings Being at “An All-Time...

We have to be careful with text descriptions of business metrics -- this is true when it's numbers in the news or performance measures...

Using Process Behavior Charts to Compare Red Bead Game “Willing Workers”...

This post is Part Three of a series on using Process Behavior Charts for snapshot comparisons (of individuals, departments, or organizations) instead of the...

Using Process Behavior Charts to Compare Knee Surgeons and Complication Rates

This post is a continuation of my last post that introduced the idea of using Process Behavior Charts (PBCs) for something other than time-series...

Using Process Behavior Charts to Compare Organizations (Like VA Healthcare Sites)

As you might recall from an earlier post, I'm presented a free webinar on December 18 (hosted by KaiNexus) titled: How to Use Process Behavior...

How to Tell the Difference Between ‘Signal’ and ‘Noise’ in Voter...

Here is a new article that I posted on LinkedIn... don't worry, it's not political, but it does look at recent voter turnout rates through a statistical lens. And I think it's a lens that's helpful for looking at metrics in our own organizations: "How to Tell the Difference Between ‘Signal’ and ‘Noise’ in Voter Turnout Numbers or Your Organization’s Metrics"

A Reader Question about Process Behavior Charts and Business Metrics

This content originally appeared in a post about my Halloween metrics webinar, but I decided to carve it out (not like a pumpkin) into its own post. A reader asked: "Should we be using financial statements in that way or is there a better approach given our knowledge about different types of variation? Or am I completely off track?"

One Way to Improve Your Lean Daily Management Board: From Lists...

The other day, I saw a post on Twitter that included a few photos related to what's often called Lean Daily Management practices in a hospital. The spirit of my post is not meant to come across as "they're doing it wrong" but more in the spirit of "they're doing a lot of great things, but it would be better if..." If Lean Daily Management is supposed to be, at its core, about identifying opportunities for improvement, I'd hope they wouldn't be offended by my recommendations, but I also don't want to link to the Twitter post or call them out by name. I will pass along private feedback through a channel I have. But, I'm writing a post because what I see here is VERY common in different organizations (not just healthcare).

Home Runs as Tables of Numbers, Run Charts, and Process Behavior...

If you're not a baseball fan, I apologize for a second baseball-themed post this week. Baseball has a lot of historical time-series data to work with and analyze. If you're not interested in "Process Behavior Charts" or similar methods, I guess I will apologize for this post again too. Next, I'll be apologizing for apologizing. But, I am at Dr. Wheeler's four-day workshop on "Understanding Statistical Process Control" as I blogged about on Monday. It's great to learn from Dr. Wheeler in person and I'll be sharing reflections on the class in a later post (and I'm posting a few things on LinkedIn along the way). In Chapter 1 of Understanding Variation, Dr. Wheeler points out how charts or graphs are far superior to tables or lists of numbers. He uses a baseball example:

Taking Don Wheeler’s Class; MLB Batting Averages are Lower… So What?

I recently saw this headline: Baseball on pace for lowest batting average since 1972 Just because it's the lowest average in 48 years... it doesn't mean that this year's MLB-wide batting average is low in a way that's statistically meaningful.

Podcasts, Videos, and Some Measures for “Measures of Success” [Updated]

Here are a few items and thoughts related to "Process Behavior Charts" and my book Measures of Success. I'll share some charts related to sales of my book about charts and management. I'll also share an updated article of mine and two podcasts that had me on to talk about the book.

Recorded Webinar: TWI and Kata: Skill Patterns to Develop a Culture...

Here is a recorded webinar... I played host (along with KaiNexus) for this webinar that was held Tuesday, August 14 at 1 pm ET.