Podcast #303 – Craig Deao, Effectively Engaging Employees… and Everyone Else


Joining me for Episode #303 is Craig Deao, a senior leader with Studer Group.

Today, we're talking about his book The E-Factor: How Engaged Patients, Clinicians, Leaders, and Employees Will Transform HealthcareWe'll talk about the differences between satisfaction and engagement, how to tell if people are engaged in their work, and how to engage various stakeholders, including employees, clinicians, and executives. We'll also talk about how Studer Group became a recipient of the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award in 2010.

From his bio:

“Since 2006, Craig Deao, MHA, has been an integral part of Studer Group as a senior leader for the organization's speaking and conferences teams, and he now directs thought leadership across Huron [Consulting Group]'s broader healthcare practice.

Craig is a highly regarded national speaker on leadership, engagement, quality and patient safety. He works with medical staffs and healthcare executives to create highly reliable organizations where employees want to work, physicians want to practice and patients want to receive care.”

I've enjoyed getting to know Craig over the years and I'm glad we've had a chance to collaborate more recently. I hope you enjoy the discussion.

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Topics and Links for this Episode:

  • Podcast #294 – Clay Linkous, Studer Group Principles & #Lean
  • Please tell the listeners about your career…
  • What inspired you to write the book The E-Factor?
  • How do you define “engagement?” How is it different than “satisfaction?”
    • “Satisfaction is necessary but not sufficient.”
    • Why is engagement so important… not optional, as you write in the book?
  • Other than looking at surveys, how can you tell if patients, clinicians, leaders, and employees are engaged?
    • Is there one of those groups that have the biggest “engagement gap” if you will?
  • What are some key tips on how to engage employees and clinicians?
  • Many process improvement specialists complain about how difficult it can be to engage executives – what advice might you have for them?

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Thanks for listening!

Disclosure: In 2017, I became a speaker through Studer Group in addition to my other work and roles, so I have a working relationship with them.

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