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Must Dos and Nice to Haves: Performance Reviews and Continuous Improvement?

There's a very well known cartoon that you might have seen where a caveman offers round wheels to other cavemen who are pulling a...

Come See a Culture of Continuous Improvement at Franciscan Health This...

Registration is open for "Kaizen Live!" -- the 2019 edition. Joe Swartz and I are excited to announce that we are hosting the fourth site...

#ChangeChampions: Insights from a Health System Leader on Supply Chains

Today, I'd like to share the latest in my series of articles about "Champions of Change," which is based on a discussion I had with Joe Swartz about continuous improvement in materials and supply chain settings.

Podcast #299 – Joe Swartz, 10+ Years of Kaizen at Franciscan

Joining me again for episode #299 of the podcast is Joe Swartz, my friend and esteemed co-author for our books Healthcare Kaizen: Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Continuous Improvements and The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen: Leadership for a Continuously Learning and Improving Organization.

Change Champions at Franciscan St. Francis Health – in Supply Chain...

Today, I'd like to share the second in my series of articles about "Champions of Change." Here, we feature my friends at Franciscan St. Francis,...

Texas Hospital Saves Money Occasionally With Lean Six Sigma… But Can...

I saw this headline the other day about University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas: "UMC finds savings through waste" The headline really should say "through waste...

#TBT: Kaizen Upon Kaizen in Meeting Scheduling (and a New Kaizen...

Kaizen is an incremental approach to problem solving and continuous improvement. We don't need to put pressure on ourselves to make things perfect... we can focus on "a little better, every day."

The Power of “How Might We?”

In this post, I write about a phrase that I heard many times when visiting Franciscan St. Francis Health in Indianapolis. How can this phrase help us challenge ourselves and to find positive solutions instead of barriers and obstacles?

Mark Graban & Joe Swartz on the “Gemba Academy Podcast”

Thanks to my friends at Gemba Academy for having my Healthcare Kaizen co-author Joe Swartz and me on their podcast, in an episode that was released yesterday.

What Reduced this E.D.’s Waiting Times? Sexy Technology or Process Change?

This article in The Wall Street Journal caught my eye the other day: "Can Tech Speed Up Emergency Room Care?" But, it seems like the real story is process redesign, which is barely mentioned in the story...

Personal Kaizen: How I Reduced Effort & Time in Scheduling Phone...

In today's post, I write about how Kaizen starts with you. I share some examples of "personal Kaizen," including the way I've streamlined my call scheduling process, for my benefit and for others.

#TBT: My Podcast Interview with Joe Swartz on a Kaizen Culture...

This post looks back at a podcast that I did a few years ago with Joe Swartz, talking about how he helped introduce Kaizen at Franciscan St. Francis Health and how they’ve built that culture.