#ChangeChampions: Insights from a Health System Leader on Supply Chains


Today, I'd like to share the latest in my series of articles about “Champions of Change,” which is based on a discussion I had with Joe Swartz, co-author of our books Healthcare Kaizen and The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen (which is only about $20 on Amazon).

As I wrote about in the first three articles in this series, successful and innovative organizations have “champions of change” at all levels of the organization.

You can read my article at Becker's Hospital Review:

Podcast Sneak Peak: Insights from a Health System Leader on what makes a Champion of Change in Supply Chains

If you're a regular listener of my podcasts, you might have already heard Joe talk about this in Episode #301 of the podcast. And you can also read a full transcript there.

Podcast #301 – Joe Swartz, “Champions of Change” in Supply Chains

What's a Champion of Change? Joe said:

Joe said they are people who are not only willing to embrace change in their own work, but also work to influence their co-workers. A Champion of Change is “potentially going to go against some of [their] other fellow colleagues and their strong opinions.” Doing so often takes courage, as Joe said, “It has huge risks for them, and they're willing to step into that risk,” a trait he admires and commends.

And as I wrote:

“Franciscan has a powerful culture where every leader encourages every employee and manager to be a Champion of Change. Many organizations emphasize huge projects that require a lot of time and money. At Franciscan, they have emphasized the power of thousands of small ideas, the “just do its” that are less risky and have a quicker impact. Starting with small improvements reduces fear and encourages participation, which leads to increased confidence, which then allows staff to bravely take on larger change initiatives. Franciscan is a great example for other healthcare organizations who are trying to get everyone to embrace and lead change.”

Again, you can read the entire article here.

Do you know other Champions of Change? Are you one?

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