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#ChangeChampions: Insights from a Health System Leader on Supply Chains

Today, I'd like to share the latest in my series of articles about "Champions of Change," which is based on a discussion I had with Joe Swartz about continuous improvement in materials and supply chain settings.

#ChangeChampions: Why a Better Hospital Supply Chain Starts with Better Relationships

Today, I'd like to share the latest in my series of articles about "Champions of Change," which is based on a discussion I had with Suzi Collins, an experienced Lean healthcare supply chain leader.

Updates from Japan; Other Articles & An A3 Deep Dive Webinar

Konnichiwa from Japan! I am having a great time with my friends from Kaizen Institute and our tour attendees. I wrote a post on Monday, but I never expect to be able to write much while here because it's very busy and I also want to reflect a bit before writing. In this post, I share two articles I wrote recently and some other tidbits...

Podcast #301 – Joe Swartz, “Champions of Change” in Supply Chains

This podcast is sponsored by Cardinal Health. Joining me again for episode #301 of the podcast is Joe Swartz, my friend and co-author for our books Healthcare Kaizen and The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen:. You can learn more about our books here. He also contributed a chapter to the book Practicing Lean. (read an excerpt). Today, we're talking about "Champions of Change," as I've been writing about for Cardinal Health.

Change Champions at Franciscan St. Francis Health – in Supply Chain...

Today, I'd like to share the second in my series of articles about "Champions of Change." Here, we feature my friends at Franciscan St. Francis,...

Looking for “Champions of Change” in Healthcare Supply Chains and Beyond

Who are the "champions of change" in your organization? Is your CEO a champion of change? How many of your front-line managers and staff...

Recorded Webinar: “How Hospitals Can Unlock Value and Curb Waste…”

Check out the archive of a webinar, co-presented with Steve Thompson of Cardinal Health, on June 20...

My LinkedIn Article: Supply Chain Matters – at the Oscars® and...

The mistakes at The Oscars were trivial and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. What are some lessons learned that apply to improving healthcare supply chains?

My Article on Changing How We Think About Change

As part of my partnership with Cardinal Health, they have published an article that I wrote on their "Essential Insights" blog: "Changing how we think about change: How healthcare leaders can create a progressive culture"

Podcast #272 – Steve Thompson, Lean Supply Chain Lessons from Automotive...

My guest for Episode #272 is Steve Thompson, Director of Patient Driven Supply Network initiatives for Cardinal Health, a global, integrated healthcare services and products company....

My Article on Healthcare Supply Chain Lessons from Other Industries

Cardinal Health has posted my article on their website: Creating a New "Gold Standard" - Healthcare Supply Chain Best Practices from Other Industries You can view...

[Article] Creating a New “Gold Standard” — Healthcare Supply Chain Best...

Thanks again to Cardinal Health for sponsoring the webinar that I did with them and Fierce Healthcare on supply chain best practices from other...