[Article] Creating a New “Gold Standard” — Healthcare Supply Chain Best Practices from Other Industries


Thanks again to Cardinal Health for sponsoring the webinar that I did with them and Fierce Healthcare on supply chain best practices from other industries.

We've also collaborated to create a two-page PDF article that's a complement to the webinar:

Creating a New “Gold Standard” — Healthcare Supply Chain Best Practices from Other Industries


I hope the article is helpful.

The article begins:

“Hospitals are not factories. Patients are not cars. Those statements are undeniably true, but are often said in an attempt to resist learning proven best practices from other industries. With healthcare organizations facing greater financial pressures and an increasingly fast-paced world of change, it's important to identify strategies that can help us provide more value: better care that's more affordable.

While some still resist outside ideas and influences, the highest performing healthcare organizations are increasingly adopting (and adapting) practices from other industries, such as hospitality lessons from hotels and patient safety practices from aviation. In recent years, I've seen many healthcare delivery systems discover that supply chain and materials management practices from manufacturing and retailing can boost the bottom line in ways that also make work more fulfilling.”

The full PDF:


Again, here is the webinar recording if you missed it:

Have you used some of these strategies in your healthcare organization?

What have you learned from other industries, like manufacturing or retail?

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