Looking for “Champions of Change” in Healthcare Supply Chains and Beyond


Who are the “champions of change” in your organization? Is your CEO a champion of change? How many of your front-line managers and staff are champions of change? Are you?

What does it mean to be a champion of change?

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Today, I'm sharing an article that I've written on this subject… and I'd love to hear your stories about champions of change.

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Click the following link to download a PDF version of the article:

“The Essential Ingredient to Improving the Hospital Supply Chain”

You can also read the article on Becker's Hospital Review.

The article begins:

“In an era of increasing uncertainty and rising pressures in healthcare, many health systems are discovering the benefits of getting everybody involved in improving the supply chain. In a complex healthcare system, there is no single “root cause” behind overall supply chain issues and no single silver bullet solution. At every level and all along the supply chain, there are opportunities to make large and small improvements that have a meaningful impact on patient care and the organization's success. Champions of change power this progress.”

The main ingredient is leadership, but the recipe includes:

  1. Champions work together
  2. Champions are crucial at every level
  3. Champions depend on commitment from leadership
  4. Champions inspire change, rather than forcing it
  5. Champions ask questions

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