Podcast #291 – Jeff Roussel on the Current #Lean (and P.I.) Landscape


My guest for Episode 291 is my friend and colleague, Jeff Roussel (@jeff_roussel on Twitter). Jeff is the VP of Sales at KaiNexus, a technology company that I have been involved with for over six years.

As Jeff will humbly explain in the podcast, he joined our team almost four years ago as an experienced sales leader, not as an expert in Lean or process improvement. But, he's a voracious learner and he probably talks to more organizations about their process improvement efforts – what their aims are and what they're struggling with – than anybody I know.

Our main theme for the podcast today is not technology. Our topics include what Jeff is hearing from organizations and trends he hears about. I hope you'll enjoy our conversation, as I did.

I hope you'll also join us on Thursday as Jeff presents a free webinar hosted by me and KaiNexus:

The Why, How and What of Continuous Improvement

Now, here's the podcast…

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Episode Summary:

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Topics and Questions:

  • Introduce yourself and your role at KaiNexus?
  • Why was the idea of KaiNexus and continuous improvement compelling to you when you when you joined the company 3.5 years ago?
    • How do you feel about it now?
  • How many organizations do you talk to each week about CI and what are some of the trends in terms of the challenges and things people struggle with?
    • People, process, and technology
  • Going from episodic improvement events to strategy deployment (hoshin kanri) and daily huddles
  • How are you applying Lean thinking to the sales process?
  • Let's say somebody wants a culture of continuous improvement… they don't have that today… they don't have the leadership behaviors, the methodologies… is software going to help an organization like that?
  • Using technology might sound like a nice theory to some listeners… but what are some of the results?
  • What else have you learned in your time at KaiNexus?

The poster that Jeff mentioned, created by Tania Lyon (click to zoom):

Video of Jeff Roussel:

Thanks for listening!


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