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Healthcare – Creating Value for Patients

Necessity is the mother of invention.  Decent telehealth technology has been available for decades but many providers still preferred to require patients to bring themselves to care rather than bring the care to patients.  The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telemedicine out of necessity.  Is virtual health the future of healthcare?

A study from Elsevier Health sounds the alarm over how important it remains to improve the employee experience in healthcare.  Unless We Future-Proof Healthcare, Study Shows That By 2025, 75% Of Healthcare Workers Will Leave The Profession.

The pandemic tragically exposed the flaws of the Canadian health system, especially its decades-long misguided quest to maximize utilization of “beds” as its primary solution to reduce costs, rather than actually reimagining the delivery system. Will this cause us to fix the issue at long last?  I remain deeply skeptical.     

“Why do we have to waste time with debriefs when we're so busy?”.  Debriefing and reflection are as important within nursing as the interventions and care provided, however, at times they can be overlooked.

Operational Excellence

Imagine being able to learn from mistakes without making them.  Near misses are a goldmine of learning opportunities, if you recognize and treat it as such. How to Learn from the Big Mistake You Almost Make

Is building culture top down or bottom up?  This false choice seems to trip up many organizations and serves to overcomplicate transformation efforts or lead to the ineffective “train your way to culture” traps.   Here's How to Build a Lean Culture.

Need a refresher on coaching for improvement using PDCA?  Here's a collection of posts on The Fundamentals of Improvement and Coaching Kata

This tends to happen with all new management theories that become faddish and then popular.  The principles become lost or watered-down to the point of uselessness.  It's Time to Stop Following the Lean Startup Movement.  

Leading & Enabling Excellence

Could you, as a leader, decide to make no decisions?  What would happen?  The Art of Making No Decisions.

Diversity of thought is essential for problem-solving and innovation.  But what happens if your leaders are uncomfortable with conflict or disagreement?  Managing a Polarized Workforce

How to Get Buy-In for Your Strategy

 “A toxic corporate culture is by far the strongest predictor of industry-adjusted attrition and is 10 times more important than compensation in predicting turnover.”  Who Bears the Cost of Poor Leadership?

Coaching – Developing Self & Others

I'm not a basketball fan but I've always enjoyed reading about Gregg Popovich.  Pops became the winningest coach in NBA history last week, but the stories about his ability to inspire and change lives are far more interesting than his record.  Gregg Popovich, an NBA legend: Stories you've never heard about the San Antonio Spurs, Team USA coach.

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Looking forward to bingeing  The Dropout miniseries on Disney+ (or Hulu) about Elisabeth Holmes and the Theranos fraud.

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Nicole Tschierske shares an interesting take on lean as an enabler to reduce stress in the workplace on Lean Blog Podcast episode 443.

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