Links & Videos Referenced in My Talk “Why Your Hospital Should be like a Factory… or at Least Some of Them”


Today's post is simply a collection of links referenced in my talk at today's World Congress Leadership Summit on Process Improvement in Healthcare: “Why Your Hospital Should be Like a Factory… Or At Least Some…

The links below are for the benefit of the audience (to dig deeper into some slides and to see some video I won't be showing) and it maybe it provides some interesting reading and viewing for you…

Factory Imagery Videos: (Chaplin, I Love Lucy, Family Guy):

“Lean and Loving” in Dutch Healthcare:

ThedaCare “Nurse Server” Video:

Rightsized Capacity in Sweden:

Park Nicollet Cancer Center:

Paul Akers, from FastCap, shared a video he shot with a visiting physician. I might not have time to share the whole video during my talk, but take a look:

A second video with reflections from a doctor who visited FastCap:

VIBCO President Karl Wadensten on hosting visitors from healthcare:

Comments from healthcare visitors to VIBCO:

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