Employee Ideas and Other Improvement Work at UMass Memorial Health


I hope you'll check out the recording of a webinar / panel discussion that I hosted via KaiNexus:

Managing Transformation Projects, Improvements, and Learning in a Virtual Environment

It's being presented by Cliona Archambeault and Penny Iannelli of UMass Memorial Health.

They've implemented (and documented) more than 100,000 employee ideas, which is fantastic! How did they create this culture and how have they sustained this push during the pandemic and beyond? Join us and ask your questions — it will be of great benefit to leaders and practitioners in any setting.

I blogged about the UMass efforts back when they hit the milestone of 75,000 ideas:

And here is a post that I wrote in 2014 about their aspirations under CEO Eric Dickson, MD:

I've also had the opportunity to interview Dr. Dickson in podcast settings, first in 2015:

And then in 2019:

And I've interviewed him twice in the “Habitual Excellence” podcast series about how they managed during the pandemic, which included a promise (that they kept) about “No layoffs, no furloughs.”

And here is the second episode where he reflects on what they did:

But back to tomorrow's webinar, you'll hear more about how they did this and you can ask questions that Penny and Cliona will answer and discuss.

Learn more and register to view the recording.

“Join us for a panel discussion with two leaders from UMass Memorial Health (UMMH) as we discuss how they've created a culture of continuous improvement at UMMH that has led to more than 100,000 employee ideas being implemented!

They both work for a healthcare organization – this is true – but please keep reading (and join us!) if you work in other sectors, including manufacturing. Why? Our two panelists both worked in industry (including Intel), and they (and other UMMH leaders) are influenced by former Toyota people. We know there will be stories and lessons learned that are transferrable to other healthcare organizations – or companies in any industry – because it comes down to the three things we always talk about at KaiNexus: methodology, leadership, and technology.

We are proud that UMMH is a KaiNexus customer and that they use our technology platform to facilitate and document their work – in addition to tabulating their great results.”

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