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I have a few announcements today about some different ways to learn about Lean and related topics:

Upcoming Free Webinars

Here in November, I'll be playing host (via KaiNexus) for two very interesting and exciting webinars.

Hoshin Kanri (Strategy Deployment)

Next Tuesday, November 14, Craig Vercruysse and Joanna Omi from Rona Consulting Group, the lean practice of Moss Adams, will be presenting a webinar titled:

Cascading Strategy Through Hoshin Kanri (Strategy Deployment)

You can get a preview of the webinar via this blog post, which includes podcast audio and a summary of my preview discussion with Craig.

Here's a short video with Craig and Joanna that was shot at our last KaiNexus User Conference:

Lean Learning and Collaboration in and Beyond Healthcare

We recently hosted a webinar about collaboration efforts in the Iowa Lean Consortium. Building on that theme, I'm very happy to be hosting Dr. John Toussaint and Paul Pejsa, from Catalysis (formerly known as the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value).

On November 29th, they'll be presenting a webinar titled:

When Leaders Collaborate: Finding the A-Ha Moments that Lead to Lean Transformation

Even though they will be talking a lot about collaboration, learning, and sharing within the healthcare realm, I hope this webinar would be of interest to those of you from any industry. The Healthcare Value Network members have learned from Autoliv (listen to a podcast about this) and other companies outside of healthcare delivery, for example. Let's continue the cross-industry collaboration whenever we can.

Speaking of Catalysis…

Metrics Workshop in California

I'll be teaching my “Better Metrics” workshop through Catalysis as part of their February “Lean Leadership Series” of workshops in Fountain Valley, CA at MemorialCare.

You can take my day-long workshop on process behavior charts and other simple, yet effective, statistical methods that can be used by save time and improve more. See also my website's page about this class — you can bring this to your organization if that's easier for you and a group.

If you come to California, you can take workshops on other days and there is also a site visit of MemorialCare on Friday.

I think a great sequence of workshops (amongst the excellent classes) would be:

Patsy and Jeff are both former ThedaCare leaders.

I'll be teaching on Tuesday and might be taking a red eye to Atlanta for the…

Society for Health Systems Conference

I love attending this event each year: the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement conference. See past posts about this event, including this one that's an all-time most popular post here:

Discovering the Power of Kaizen Idea Boards at the Society for Health Systems Conference

I won't be presenting formally this year, but I'll be co-facilitating an “Open Space” discussion session with Isaac Mitchell as we did last year:

What Did People Want to Talk About? Open Space & #Lean Coffee at #SHS2017

This is a really good practitioner-level conference and it's my favorite healthcare event of the year other than the…

Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit

This is, I think, the premier event each year that gathers Lean practitioners and executives for learning and collaboration.

Registration is open early for next June's event in Chicago: the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit.

I'll be, again, doing my Better Metrics workshop on June 13 before the main days of the Summit. Check out all of the workshops (you can take them on two days). You can do Jeff Hunter's strategy workshop and then mine as a good combination. Jeff and I sat in on each other's workshops last year and we agree that they are very complementary.

See previous posts about the Summits.

If you can't travel, I have a new option for you…

Online “Healthcare Kaizen” Introductory Class

When I've done day-long workshops on our book Healthcare Kaizen, I have experimented with online pre-work to get some of the “lecture” content introduced first, leaving the workshop setting for discussions, exercises, and more.

Recently, a blog reader emailed me asking if I had any online education. I said “no” but then realized that I could experiment by making this “private” class available for public registration on the Udemy.com platform.

The course has an hour of webinar and video lecture. You can also interact with me and other students through the online discussion features.

The list price is $20, but Udemy often discounts it. I'd be curious what you think of this concept… should I do more online education like this?

By the way, our friend Jamie Flinchbaugh has a new website and some online education.

The Lean Enterprise Institute has a new online class on Lean thinking and Lean practice.

And, our friend Jim Benson has an online course he created on “Personal Kanban.”

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