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Some of you would rather listen than read, so I've been doing some audio podcast readings of blogs through what I call my “Lean Blog Audio” podcast.

Some of you, however, would rather read than listen to podcasts.

I'm working with a writer to create written summaries of episodes from my original Lean Podcast interviews series.

These PDFs aren't just verbatim transcripts (which I've done before sometimes… some of which are available in an eBook and Kindle book) since the full transcript is sometimes very lengthy.

These podcast summaries distill the main points of the podcast and capture some key quotes.

At least for now, each new podcast will have a summary when the episode is released or shortly after.

Here are the summaries that have been released so far, listed after each podcast episode below:

Episode #262 – Steve Spear, Beyond the Jargon

Podcast #262 – Steven J. Spear, “Beyond the Jargon” of Lean and Improvement

The summary PDF:

Episode #271 – Isaac Mitchell, Lean Design in Healthcare

Podcast #271 – @IsaacMitchell, #Lean Design in Healthcare

You can also read and download this four-page PDF summary of the podcast:

Episode #272 – Steve Thompson, Lessons from the Auto Industry for Healthcare

Podcast #272 – Steve Thompson, Lean Supply Chain Lessons from Automotive to Healthcare

You can also read and download this 5-page PDF summary of the podcast:

Steve Thompson Lean Blog Podcast Summary

I hope these add value… at least to some of you!


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I'm posting more pictures, from my travels, Lean stuff, and times when I accidentally take photos… and they end up looking artsy.

Morning in Las Vegas

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More inadvertent iPhone photos

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Inadvertent iPhone photo art

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Food for thought for a new year

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More podcasts and blog posts coming soon…

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