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My guest for episode #221 is Jacob Stoller, author of a book that was just released: The Lean CEO: Leading the Way to World-Class ExcellenceIt's available now through Amazon or you can learn more through his book's website. As Jacob explains, he's a journalist, not a Lean practitioner, and he interviewed CEOs across different industries to get their thoughts on Lean management.

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We discuss topics including how CEOs get exposed to Lean thinking, why humility is so important, what “respect for people” means in the Lean context, and reasons why more CEOs don't embrace Lean. Did Six Sigma and Dr. Deming come up in his interviews? You'll also hear a bit about Bob Brody, the CEO at Franciscan St. Francis Health, which was featured in my Healthcare Kaizen books (learn more about visiting Franciscan this April).

Read Jacob's bio and blog.

You can also read some “CEO Insights” including two of my favorite healthcare CEOs:

“These principles and practices we've established are a way out from the cynicism, from the overworking, from the overburden, from the massive waste that exists in the delivery of healthcare. As we expose managers, leaders, CEOs, senior executives to this by having them come and actually see it in action, they absolutely get it, they absolutely say this is the way we should be working and this is what we should be doing.”

John Toussaint, CEO, Thedacare


“Lean is one of the most advanced people systems in the world for getting people to realize their capabilities in terms of coming to work every day to do their jobs and to improve their jobs.”

Gary Kaplan, CEO, Virginia Mason Medical Center

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  1. Chris Burnham says

    Great interview Mark! I really enjoyed the discussion about how CEO’s were exposed to lean. Awesome episode!

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