Recorded Webinar with Jacob Stoller: “3 Primary Assumptions of Successful #Lean Leaders”


stoller lean ceoLast year, you might have heard my podcast episode with author Jacob Stoller, talking about his book The Lean CEO.

Coming up on March 15, I'm happy to be hosting a KaiNexus webinar with him, where Stoller will be presenting about “The 3 Primary Assumptions of Successful #Lean Leaders.”

Here is the recording:


As Jacob wrote, in a longer description of the webinar:

During Lean's 50-year history, one of the most persistent questions has been, “What are the defining characteristics of successful Lean leaders?” The 28 Lean-practicing CEOs interviewed in Jacob Stoller's book The Lean CEO provide a unique and fascinating perspective.

These CEOs are surprisingly diverse, representing a variety of approaches to even the most fundamental aspects of Lean methodology, and a similar range of leadership personalities and styles. What they share are three basic assumptions about information, process, and people that differentiate them from conventional business leaders.

In this webinar, Jacob will identify these assumptions and highlight pivotal moments where the leaders stood by them and changed the history of their companies. We'll look at stories and insights from Mike Lamach of Ingersoll Rand, Art Byrne of Wiremold, Bob Chapman of Barry-Wehmiller, Brian Walker of Herman Miller, Steve Brenneman of ATC, John Toussaint of Thedacare, Jim Lancaster of Lantech, Dan Ariens of Ariens, and Tom Everill of Northwest Center.

We hope you'll join us for the presentation, our discussion, and Q&A.

Jacob will share his thoughts, but I'm curious to hear you describe what you'd expect (or what you've experienced) as “basic assumptions that differentiate Lean CEOs and leaders.” What are the key behaviors of Lean leaders? Have you seen any leaders transform their leadership style and approach?

Please post a comment here to share your thoughts and experiences.


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