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Lean Serial Parody LogoMy wife and I were late to the wildly popular podcast “Serial,” but we listened to the first six episodes while traveling over the holidays. I ran hot and cold on the serialized non-fiction story about a murder… it was somewhat interesting, but a bit drawn out. The show requires a lot of patience (and at least eight hours of listening).

I wonder how many of you were hooked on Serial, as many of my friends seemed to be?

Saturday Night Live did a Christmas/Santa-themed parody of the show. That, and some free time after the holidays, inspired me to create a short Lean parody (no, I'm not doing an entire series).

The podcast was wildly popular, but the sponsor ad for the service MailChimp got a lot of attention as well, mainly for the quirky moment where a woman struggled with pronouncing the name. I use MailChimp for my blog newsletter and book newsletter and they also send out my daily and weekly blog post emails.

You can listen to the MailChimp ad and the first episode of Serial… or just jump into my parody, which makes a few points about how healthcare leaders spend their time, right? Are we in meetings or at the “gemba?”

What's the mystery about the hospital CEO? That's going to have to stay a mystery…

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it. It was fun to produce. If you like podcasts, check out my two Lean Podcasts – one with interviews and one that includes “audio book” versions of some posts.

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  1. […] that the 2nd season of the podcast “Serial” has started, you might want to check out my original post about my Lean parody of season 1 or listen using the player […]

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