This Date in Lean Blog History: August 6


My blog will turn 10 years old in February 2015. You're probably either thinking, “Wow, that's awesome!” or “Get a life, dude.” :-)

Here's a look back at some of the posts from August 6 in past years… what was I writing about?

2013: Podcast #183 – Scott Sambucci, Lean Startup Ideas for Sales

2012: Dr. Donald Berwick – Ahead of his Time on Kaizen in 1989

2011: Some Upcoming Lean Events – See You There?

2010: Another Hospital CEO Talks Lean Culture

2009: Q&A #1 – Michael Balle, “The Lean Manager”

Note: Michael's new Lean novel, Lead With Respect: A Novel of Lean Practice, was just released here in August 2014

2008: Tonight's CNBC Special on “Saving GM”

2nd post: NVA in VSM Products?

2007: Overprocessing Example on the Bathroom Counter

2nd post: Updated: Nardelli to Run Chrysler

2006 (Aug 7): Applying Lean to a Factory for the Blind

2005 (Aug. 4): Lean Manufacturing Doesn't Overlook or Compromise Safety (an early instance of L.A.M.E., before I coined the term)

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  1. Amiel says

    Hi Mark,

    Congrats on 10 years! How many more do you have in you?

    1. Mark Graban says

      I love writing… so that won’t stop. It’s usually an annual question for reflection and strategy, whether or not to continue blogging in this format.

      In the past five years, I’ve increasingly used Twitter to share links to articles (I used to do that more here on the blog). This is sometimes more of a home for essays. Maybe I’ll reboot the blog in some form… I don’t know.

      1. Pete Abilla says

        Get a life, dude.

        1. Mark Graban says

          I figured people would think it, not type it :-)

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