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Signs, Error Proofing, and Explaining Why in the Gym

Are warning signs or instruction signs effective when they just tell people what to do? Should we use error proofing instead? Is it more powerful to explain why when we have be directive. That's what I explore in this post, with some examples from hospitals and a condo gym.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs!

In this post, Paul Critchley writes about signs not being a good solution to most problems. Does posting a sign mean that people understand it or that it's going to be followed?

Weekend Fun: An Elegant Solution by Subtraction (“Parks & Recreation”)

Our good friend Matt May (see posts and podcasts about him here) has a new book coming out in October,  The Laws of Subtraction:...

Caution! Warning Signs in the UK

I was fortunate to be in England for five days last week. I saw the "gemba" at five hospitals in three days and attended...

A Defect in My Morning Coffee Routine

I could have also titled this post "I screwed up!" or "Who Screwed Up? Me!" but we try not to point the finger...

Not such a "Lean" Plant Tour

Since I've been working exclusively in healthcare for almost two years, I haven't been in too many factories lately. I was excited to...

"Be Careful" is Not Enough

I was boarding an American Airlines Super 80 at DFW yesterday, I noticed a warning sign on the controls of the jet bridge. As...

Signs are not Error Proofing

I saw this at a hospital lab last year, a great example of true error proofing vs. just putting up warning signs. "Cautions" and...

Hotel Room Error Proofing

This Is Broken - Hotel room warningI saw a large ad in the paper Friday that reminded me of this blog posting (link above)....

Bad Visual Controls at Baggage Claim

This is at the Terminal B baggage claim at DFW airport. There are three lights. And two signs. You tell me,...