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How 200 Jobs Were Saved by Engaging Employees in Continuous Improvement

Mark's Note: Today's post is the first guest post by Jess Orr, who you might remember from the webinars that she did for KaiNexus. I hope you enjoy the post... As a continuous improvement practitioner, I recently faced a challenge that seemed nearly insurmountable.

Can Humility Lead to Excellence?

Mark's Note: Today's post is by Kay Kendall, CEO & Principal of BaldrigeCoach.  You might remember her from episode #277 of my podcast. She's the co-author of Leading the Malcolm Baldrige Way: How World-Class Leaders Align Their Organizations to Deliver Exceptional Results. Kay sent this out recently via her email newsletter and I asked her if I could share it here.

Fast Lean – What’s Not to Love?

Mark's note: I somehow stumbled across this 2002 HBR article, Read a Plant--Fast, so I asked regular guest blogger Paul Critchley to write a post...

Is “Learn from Your Elders” Being Replaced With “Learn from Your...

Mark's Note: Today's guest post was written in partnership with the Society for Health Systems, an organization I highly recommend to those who work...

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs!

In this post, Paul Critchley writes about signs not being a good solution to most problems. Does posting a sign mean that people understand it or that it's going to be followed?

The Challenge of PDSA: Feeling Like You’ve Fallen Short

Mark's note: Today's post is by Cristal Totterman, a pharmacist and Lean leader I have known for a couple of years now. She's written a post that made me think about and reflect on the never-ending journey of improvement, both as individuals and organizations.

Guest Post: What Will Process Excellence Look Like in 2025?

Mark's Note: Today's guest post is brought to you through a media partnership between LeanBlog.org and PEX Network. Lean Blog readers can get a 15%...

Guest Post: Learning to Change our Change Management Approach

Mark's Note: Today's post is by a new contributor, Nathalie Khodr. We met a few years back in San Antonio thanks to our shared...

Do We Quit When We Face a Setback? I Hope Not!

Mark's Note: I thought "OCR" meant Optical Character Reader and I thought a "BattleFrog" was the name of a minor league baseball team. But that's...

The Blame and Shame(ful) Culture of Healthcare

Mark's Note: This is another guest post by Drew Locher (check out past posts and my podcast with him). There's been a lot in...

Conclusion: 3 Strategies for Leaders Who Have No One to Lead

Mark's note: Here's the concluding post in a series by a guest blogger, Paul Serafino. You can click here to read earlier posts in this series...

Part 4 – 3 Strategies for Leaders Who Have No One...

Mark's note: Here's the last of three change strategies in a series by a guest blogger, Paul Serafino. You can click here to read earlier posts in...