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When the Chef Goes and Sees (Well, Tastes) the Problem

A few years ago, my wife and I went to a highly-regarded (and oft-recommended) restaurant in the Orlando area (our now former home). I...

Operational Excellence Mixtape: December 20, 2019

Healthcare - Creating Value for Patients It's been 20 years since To Err is Human, the seminal report from the Institute of Medicine, was released, estimating,...

“We Have Gotten Too Far From our People and the Core...

Mark's Note: Today's post is written by Ken Segel, the managing director of Value Capture, LLC. This is the first of what I hope...

Lessons from Tesla “Schooling” Toyota: Did You Get the Memo?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been quoted as saying he will "school Toyota on Lean manufacturing." OK, let's take inspiration and lessons from the apparent Tesla Way management system. What would happen if hospitals and other organizations tried emulating Tesla instead of Toyota? What are the methods and mindsets? The behaviors and principles? What's the management approach and culture?

How to Go From Analytical Wonk to “Process Improvement” Coach

As you might know, I have always enjoyed baseball and like blogging about ideas and statistics that come from the sport. I loved this recent article from The Wall Street Journal and there are parallels to Lean and being an effective change agent: "The Data Wonk Who Became a Coach"

The WSJ Overgeneralizes about The “Japanese Model,” Not All Companies Are...

Not all Japanese companies are the same. "Lean isn't easy" if you're a Japanese company. Toyota has created something special, since "Toyota culture" is not exactly the same as "Japanese culture." The WSJ says the "model is cracking." Do scandals involving quality and ethical lapses involving companies including those and Nissan tarnish Lean and the Toyota Production System? No. That's as silly as thinking the Wells Fargo banking scandal tarnishes Silicon Valley (although the Valley does enough to tarnish itself).

Eisenhower on Leadership, Sounds like a Lean Thinker to Me

You might think that "command and control" leadership styles are a thing of the past. But, old habits die slowly and many leaders today still seem to have a mental model that longs for a workforce that would "just do what they're told." What did former President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower say about leaders who are "hitting people over the head?" I blog about that here...

How Champagne Corks Reveal Restaurant Dining Trends: A Simple Data Visualization...

Last month, my wife and I had a chance for a week's vacation in Europe. As I've blogged about before, we enjoy doing some form of "gemba walk," if you will, at wineries and distilleries. At one restaurant, I was surprised to find a "chart" of sorts in the form of champagne and wine corks...

Clearing the Lean Blog Backlog: Lemmings, Change, Lean, & Leadership

Cleaning out the backlog of stuff I wanted to blog about... Not Being Lean Lemmings; Why Best Practices Don't Yokoten; Nissan Leaders Lead the Way, After the Problems

Aim for “Effectiveness” in Your Gemba Walks, Not “Efficiency”

Hear Mark read the post (subscribe to the podcast): This is an elaboration on something I originally posted on LinkedIn. I saw somebody touting an approach that...

Does Being Giddy With Knowledge About Wine or Lean Cause Problems?

I enjoy "gemba visits" (of sorts) to wineries and vacations often focus on this walking, tasting, and learning. I usually read the wine column that's...

From Kaizen Live! 2016: Gemba Walk Tips for Leaders — Do...

Mischelle McMillin, from Franciscan St. Francis Health, shares “dos and don’ts” for leaders going out to the “gemba” (the workplace). What is “the riddler” and why should you avoid being one in your efforts to create a culture of continuous improvement?