Recorded Webinar! Ask a CEO: Building Cultures of Commitment


I'm excited about this special KaiNexus Webinar that I hosted and moderated on Thursday, September 14th at 1 pm ET.

It was a short 20-minute presentation by six-time CEO Mark Parrish on the theme of “Building Cultures of Commitment.”


Then, the rest of the session was a lengthy Q&A session.

Here is a short preview:

And here were Mark's closing remarks — a message of hope about shifting from a “culture of compliance” to a “culture of commitment”:

Ask a CEO: Building Cultures of Commitment

Join us on September 14 at 1 pm Eastern Time for the upcoming webinar ‘Ask a CEO: Building Cultures of Commitment‘ hosted by Mark Graban, senior advisor with KaiNexus. Centered on fostering a healthy corporate culture, participants will receive invaluable insights from a CEO's point of view and will have the opportunity to engage in a lively Q&A session afterward.

Our guest, Mark Parrish, has a wealth of experience from numerous CEO roles and entrepreneurial ventures, including his leadership and management consulting firm, Parrish Partners. His diverse professional journey spans across public and private sectors, family-owned businesses, his personal startup, Parrish Partners, and more.

About Mark Parrish

Hailing from West Virginia, Parrish began his early life with patriotic values that led him to serve as a U.S. Army Apache helicopter pilot for a decade, actively involved in combat operations during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After leaving the military, Parrish took on the corporate world, starting with the renowned Harley Davidson Motor Company and later contributing to globally recognized brands such as Simmons Mattress and Igloo Coolers. Today, he shares his hard-earned wisdom and experiences with us as the founder and managing partner of Parrish Partners Leadership and Management Consulting, providing invaluable CEO coaching while being deeply involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Fostering Cultures of Commitment

Fostering a culture of commitment over compliance is at the heart of Parrish's webinar. He stresses that culture is an evolving, dynamic factor within any business, shaping its strengths and weaknesses. From his perspective, the integration of two diverse corporate cultures does not default to model A or model B but instead melds into a unique hybrid model, model C.

Parrish firmly believes that a culture of commitment consistently outperforms a culture of compliance. In such an environment, all markers of success – from human capital to key performance indicators – are predicted to rise. He will delve deeper into this concept and guide us through creating cultures of commitment within our organizations.

In the spirit of promoting cultures of commitment, Parrish invites the audience to actively engage in this webinar. He focuses less on delivering a set speech and more on answering genuine questions posted by the participants. This is your chance to delve into the thoughts of a seasoned CEO and enrich your understanding of building corporate culture.

Everyone is invited to register for this enlightening webinar at We look forward to your participation and encourage you to submit your questions in advance or during the live session.

For more inquiries, you can contact Mark Parrish via his website:

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Mark Graban
Mark Graban is an internationally-recognized consultant, author, and professional speaker, and podcaster with experience in healthcare, manufacturing, and startups. Mark's new book is The Mistakes That Make Us: Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Innovation. He is also the author of Measures of Success: React Less, Lead Better, Improve More, the Shingo Award-winning books Lean Hospitals and Healthcare Kaizen, and the anthology Practicing Lean. Mark is also a Senior Advisor to the technology company KaiNexus.



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