Dr. Deming, Lean, and Shifting From Command & Control


Joining me today for Episode #383 of the podcast is Patrick Anderson, the CEO of the Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc. (or “RurAL CAP”). Patrick was previously a guest way back in Episodes #53 and #71.

Today, we'll talk how ideas from Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Lean have influenced him as he has led different organizations. He shares thoughts about shifting an organization away from a “command and control” approach, what “respect for people” means to him, and he'll also talk about their “performance management system.”

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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For a link to this episode, refer people to www.leanblog.org/383.

  • An article about Patrick and his life in the Princeton alumni magazine
  • The book Team of Teams, as mentioned by Patrick
  • Please share your background – personally and professionally – and how your career evolved and progressed?
  • How did you first get introduced to Lean? Or was it Dr. Deming first?
  • In your current organization, RurAL CAP, what are your goals and aims with Lean methods?
  • How are you working to change the culture from Command & Control to… how are you framing that transition and end state?
  • What does “respect for people” mean to you and the organization? How does that manifest itself in terms of leader behaviors?
  • How have Kaizen and Training Within Industry (TWI) been helpful?
  • How does the “Performance Management System” tie things together?

Thanks for listening!

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