John Toussaint, MD on Managing During Covid-19 Times & Beyond

John Toussaint, MD and Mark Graban

Joining me for the ninth time on the podcast, for Episode #381, is Dr. John Toussaint, chairman of Catalysis. John is author or co-author of three books — well actually it's four books, as a new one is available for pre-order now with an expected September 1st release: Becoming the Change: Leadership Behavior Strategies for Continuous Improvement in Healthcare.

Today, we'll talk about the new book a bit (but we'll save most of that conversation for an upcoming episode with both John and his co-author Kim Barnas).

I ask John about healthcare organizations that have been doing really good work during the Covid-19 pandemic. One of those is UMass Memorial Health Care (check out my “Habitual Excellence” podcast with their CEO Dr. Eric Dickson). Another related podcast I've done on that topic is a conversation with Paul Pejsa, also with Catalysis.

We also talk about the need to adapt with conferences, as the annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit is now a one-day online virtual event this year. We'll also hear some of John's thoughts on the future of healthcare.

I also want to mention a free webinar that John and Kim will be presenting on Wednesday, as part of the KaiNexus webinar series. Click here to register –> That registration now leads to the recording.

I hope you enjoy the conversation, whether you listen or watch.

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  • John, you talk to a lot of healthcare organizations… in these COVID times:
    • Do organizations with more experience with Lean do better during these times? Do you have any examples?
    • What are some of the biggest challenges that have been difficult to address?
  • One challenge is… physical conferences…. what are the countermeasures that Catalysis has in place after the June Summit had to be canceled?
  • How do you keep up on Covid news? What are your go-to sources?
  • Does the COVID pandemic change the course of the future of healthcare?
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  • The podcast “The Lens” from Catalysis

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