[Recording] Another Panel Discussion Webinar on Real Continuous Improvement in Virtual Workplaces


In June, I moderated a panel discussion webinar (as part of the KaiNexus series) on the theme of virtual improvement. You can view the recording here.

It went really well, so we did another session today with three different panelists.

Real Continuous Improvement in Virtual Workplaces 2: The Sequel

We were joined by:

Mike's organization is a KaiNexus customer, and Crystal and Karen will be experiences and perspectives from coaching many organizations.

Here is a podcast preview where the panelists introduce themselves:

Here is the recording of the session:

You can also listen to it in podcast format:

Are you now faced with the challenge of doing more improvement work in a virtual way, given the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Join us for our second virtual panel discussion on this topic, hosted by KaiNexus and moderated by Mark Graban, with three improvement leaders who have recent experiences in this new era.

No slides, just tips and lessons learned from three experienced improvement facilitators and coaches.

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