Podcast #359 — Alfred Angerer on Lean Healthcare in Switzerland


My guest for Episode #359 of the podcast is Prof. Dr. Alfred Angerer, joining me from Switzerland to talk about Lean healthcare.

I had a chance to visit a hospital with Alfred, in Switzerland, late last year, as we discussed in this episode of his podcast (which we recorded together in his office).

In today's episode, he joins me via the internet and we'll talk about his path into studying, teaching, and consulting on Lean healthcare. We'll chat about what's different (and what's similar) in Swiss healthcare and we'll touch on his books and articles in the conversation.

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Questions, Topics, Quotes, and Links:

  • University web page
  • Twitter handle @alfredangerer
  • Research Gate page
  • Please tell us about your professor role at ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences — what classes do you teach?
  • How did you first become interested in healthcare as a field? Healthcare improvement?
  • Before we talk about Lean — to help set some context for listeners in the U.S. and globally, what is the structure of the Swiss healthcare system? Is it the British model, with government owned and run hospitals? A Canadian single payer model with some privately owned hospitals and clinics? Or something else?
  • How and when did you get an interest in Lean?
    • What hospitals or healthcare organizations have you been able to study or work with?
  • Examples of good progress with Lean?
  • What are some of the challenges that you've seen?
  • The un-answerable / un-knowable number: How widespread is Lean in Swiss healthcare?
  • What are some of the key differences if you've been able to see Lean in action in other European countries?
  • Other topics:
    • Resistance to Change: How willing to change are employees of a hospital compared to average citizens? Survey of 500+ Employees
    • Lean and Operating Rooms: What do we know from studying 100+ Papers on Lean&OR?
    • Digitalization and Lean. Do both worlds belong together? Do we need e.g. more lean digital tools? Workshop with practitioners

Thanks for listening!


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