A Podcast Talking Lean Healthcare with a Swiss Professor


Normally, I like being the interviewer, but today I'd like to share a podcast where I was the one being interviewed. But, really, I think it was a nice conversation with a professor of healthcare management studies, Alfred Angerer, from just outside of Zurich, Switzerland.

I had the opportunity to spend a morning with Alfred last November, which included a chance to visit a nearby hospital he has been working with, and we also did this podcast that he released today.

You can access it a number of ways (the conversation is in English, even though the website and description are not):

Or, here is a streaming player:

I'm hoping to be able to have Alfred as a guest on my podcast soon to hear his perspectives on healthcare improvement in Switzerland.

Some of his publications include:

LHT-BOK Lean Healthcare Transformation Body of Knowledge: Edition 2018-2019 (Volume 2) (German Edition)

He has another book that I can't find online, The Better Hospital (I took a photo of it in his office):

I'm not sure the best way to list his other publications but click here for a Google search.

Here's one article of note with a free PDF available:

Still lost in transformation? : a literature review on the scientific support of lean health care transformations

Thanks again to Alfred for having me on his podcast!

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