My Blog Post for Catalysis on Going “Beyond Emojis” with Process Behavior Charts


Thanks to Sara Thompson and Catalysis Inc. for asking me to write a blog post for them. If we can go “Beyond Heroes” (a great book by Kim Barnas), then we can also go “Beyond Emojis.” 

Beyond Emojis: How to Visualize Your Area Scorecard Metrics

The previous post that I liked and I am building upon in my blog post can be found here and you might like to read that first:

How to Create an Area Scorecard

In the Catalysis blog post, I compare and contrast different ways to visualize performance metrics, such as:

  • Emojis
  • Color Coding (Red/Green or Red/Yellow/Green)
  • “Bowling Charts” (lists of numbers)
  • Run Charts (with or without linear trend lines)
  • Process Behavior Charts (learn more)

If you like the Process Behavior Chart approach, my workshop before the annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit) will help you join other health systems (including some Healthcare Value Network members) that are adopting PBCs as their new default way of displaying and evaluating metrics – they are reacting less, leading better, and improving more as a result.

Of course, this method applies outside of healthcare.  

Last week, I talked briefly (in this video) about Process Behavior Charts (compared to Bowling Charts and Run Charts) in this “KaiNexus Office Hours” webinar where we also explored a bit about how the KaiNexus software platform functionality for PBCs. Would you like to be notified about “signals” in your charts? KaiNexus can do that.

Thanks for checking this out.

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