Throwback Thursday: A Scary (?) Halloween Webinar About Managing Metrics


Happy Halloween! I'll actually be home to hand out treats as a countermeasure for possible tricks.

A year ago, I did a KaiNexus webinar on Halloween that was a lot of fun… there were only two complaints about elements of my costume, but sometimes you have to mix things up and take some risks. I was an “Out of Control Chart” come to life, as inspired by the drawing below — and this full cartoon.

Here is the recording of the Halloween webinar via YouTube:

If you don't want to watch a video (or if you can't for whatever reason), you can read more about the webinar in my blog post from last year:

Again, you can, if you like, get a more straightforward treatment of this material in an earlier webinar and you can also see the companion video and post that shows how to create a Process Behavior Chart. You can view all of my Process Behavior Chart webinars here.

Happy Halloween! Let's shift from “boo-wling charts” to something more robust. Remember, Process Behavior Charts don't have to be scary.

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