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#TBT: Happy National Nurses Week — Posts on #Lean and Nursing

This week is National Nurses Week. Nurses are highly skilled and, too often, are underappreciated. Lean should be one of the best things that ever happened to nurses. In a truly Lean environment, we wouldn't be understaffed. Nurses wouldn't get blamed and punished for systemic problems. Hospitals and the broader healthcare system would break down silos and barriers to care. And, nurses would be treated respectfully by everybody in the system at all times. Instead of being a hospital to celebrate and thank nurses, I'm on some vacation time through next Tuesday. So, I'll leave some of my favorite blog posts and podcasts about nursing and Lean here in this post.

Throwback Thursday: Consternation Again Over a New NBA Ball

It's been a while since I've done a "Throwback Thursday" post, but I saw some news stories late last year that reminded me of...

What Bad Managers, Good Managers, and Great Managers Do

This is an article that I originally published on LinkedIn back in 2014. It was also picked up and re-published by Entrepeneur.com. Other than...

Am I Getting Over My Resistance to the Newer iPhones? Am...

It's a bit of a Throwback Thursday... in October of 2017, I wrote this post about my, ahem, "resistance to change" when it came...

Throwback Thursday: A Scary (?) Halloween Webinar About Managing Metrics

Happy Halloween! I'll actually be home to hand out treats as a countermeasure for possible tricks. A year ago, I did a KaiNexus webinar...

#Throwback Thursday (and Updates): Bryce Harper, Home Runs, Attendance, and Game...

The Major League Baseball regular season has ended, so there's an opportunity to revisit some posts about statistics, variation, and Process Behavior Charts. Bryce Harper's...

I Can’t Believe You Can’t “Undo” This Thing in Microsoft Excel

Lean focuses on making it easy for people to do the right thing. We also work hard to "error proof" processes and our work...

#TBT: The Carrot and the Stick on Steroids

I haven't done a Throwback Thursday in a while, but here's a new one. I was reminded of an article I wrote for LinkedIn back in 2013: The Carrot and The Stick "On Steroids" The article begins: There are a few cliché expressions that I've heard a lot of recently at healthcare conferences. Some of these clichés really need to be retired, including the phrases "carrot and the stick" and "on steroids."

Presentation About Kaizen and KaiNexus From 2013 [Video]

Recently, I stumbled across some video of me and Dr. Greg Jacobson giving a talk at a health system. I think it's from 2013. So, I'm sharing this as a "Throwback Thursday." KaiNexus software has changed and evolved a lot in five years as the company has grown. Kaizen, or continuous improvement, principles and practices are timeless.

#TBT: #Lean & #Baldrige at Mary Greeley Medical Center; Upcoming Webinar...

I'm really happy to be playing the role of host for this free webinar that's being presented next Friday, March 30th: Engaging Leaders and the Baldrige Framework to Advance Excellence A Look into the Extraordinary Work at Mary Greeley Medical Center The webinar is being presented by Karen Kiel-Rosser and Ron Smith from Mary Greeley Medical Center. If you can't attend the live session, we'll send you the recording if you register. The throwback component of this post is a look back at a podcast that I did with Karen three years ago this month:

Throwback Thursday: A Look Back at Japan #Lean Healthcare Study Trips

For today's Throwback Thursday, I'd like to look back at some blog posts about the trips I took to Japan in 2012 and 2014 to study Lean healthcare and Kaizen with healthcare practitioners from around the world. I'm again partnering with Kaizen Institute to plan and help lead a trip that will be held in the last week of February, as I wrote about here...

Throwback Thursday: Are We Training the Right People on Lean?

I'm teaching a daylong class on Lean healthcare today in San Antonio. It's something I've done twice a year for the past four years...