Podcast #308 – Mike Grogan, Personal Lean and Lessons Learned


Joining me again for Episode #308 is Mike Grogan, a previous guest in episodes #182 (from Tanzania) and #224. Mike now lives in the Philippines, where he's helping and coaching many people and has written a new book, The MESSI Way.

Watch an introductory video that Mike made for the Lean Blog audience (the video is also embedded below in this post).

In this episode, we talk about the idea of “personal Lean” and being the best version of yourself. I appreciate Mike's reflections and honesty and I think we had a great conversation that was very thought provoking. What are your fears? Your failures? What have you learned about yourself in the last 12 months? What's a “thinking partner?” Those are just a few of things we discuss here today.

You can connect with Mike through his website and on LinkedIn.

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