Podcast #182 – Michael Grogan & Dr. Brenda Dmallo, Lean Healthcare in Africa

michael and dr brenda tanzania lean

Joining me for episode #182 are Michael Grogan and Dr. Brenda  Dmello, joining me via Skype from Tanzania where they are working together to use Lean to improve health care at the Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania  (CCBRT). Michael is Irish born and left his career in the United States to work in Africa (which you can read about in his guest post that I published earlier this month).

In the episode, we talk about their mission to reduce maternal death rates and “needless suffering” by creating “engaging, problem solving managers” as “everything rises and falls with leadership.” They are developing leaders who can “stop blaming” and treat people with respect, eliminating the “culture of fear” that we see in far too many organizations around the world. Dr. Brenda says, “I don't think it's ethical to allow change to happen so slowly” and that “clinical skills alone” won't solve healthcare's problems.

Links about their work:

Michael interviewing Dr. Brenda:

For a link to this episode, refer people to  www.leanblog.org/182.

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  1. Mike Stoecklein says


    Thanks for sharing this important story. We (ThedaCare Center For Healthcare Value) are hosting a webinar featuring Michael and Dr. Brenda on 8/14 at 9 am. Details can be found at my website: http://www.gembawalkabout.com


  2. […] Mark Graban interviews Michael Grogan and Dr. Brenda Dmallo in this important podcast. […]

  3. Erik Hager says

    Thanks for sharing Michael’s impact on Dr. Brenda’s actions, doing and thinking. Michael recognizes his success will be demonstrated when he is part of the background.
    He is living the Leaders as Teachers principle.

    1. Mark Graban says

      And thanks, Erik, for your mentoring of Michael (as he gives you credit in the podcast, of course). Hope you are well.

  4. Mark Graban says

    Here’s a newer podcast with Michael, interviewed by my friend Ron at Gemba Academy:

    015 | Lean Healthcare in Tanzania with Mike Grogan

  5. […] Michael Grogan & Dr. Brenda Dmallo, Lean Healthcare in Africa […]

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