Jeff Hunter’s New Book: “Patient-Centered Strategy”


Hi — I'm still not blogging much these days, as I try to focus on finishing my book Measures of Success. You can still buy the current “in-progress” book, which is about 85% complete. I'm still editing and tweaking the book, especially the flow and pace of the first two chapters. The book is now available for Kindle Store pre-order on Amazon and I anticipate being done before the posted date of September 1st.

Patient Centered Strategy

But, I really wanted to tell you about the latest publication from Catalysis (disclosure: I'm a faculty member for them). 

The author is Jeff Hunter, who was Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing for ThedaCare before retiring in 2015. The book is titled Patient Centered Strategy: A Learning System for Better Care.

You can buy the paperback book through Catalysis or through

Here he is pictured with the book at last week's Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit.

Here is a webinar on the subject of the book:

I had a chance to read a pre-publication version of the book and I received a free copy at the Summit last week. I found it to be a thought-provoking book that will be helpful for health systems that are looking to building upon their Lean approach or Lean Management System.

For the “strategy deployment” methodology to be successful, you first need to have the “right” strategy. Lean thinking and the Plan-Do-Study-Adjust mindset can help executives learn that strategy can be discovered, tested, and iterated on. It's unlikely that a static strategy document is going to be helpful and unchanged over a multi-year period, as many traditional strategy methods assume. It's also important to make sure you have a differentiating strategy and Jeff's book helps with that topic, as well.

I've sat in on Jeff's pre-summit workshop and was held on the day before mine at the summits the last two years. We found — and people who participated in both workshops agreed — that Jeff's workshop was a great lead-in to mine. I expect our books can be used the same way.

Jeff's book and workshop focus more on WHAT to measure — what's your “true north?” How do you align measures across and up and down the organization?

My book and workshop focus more on HOW to manage those measures or metrics over time.

I'll be doing a podcast with Jeff soon. I hope you'll check out his book. Buy a copy for yourself and your healthcare executive team.

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