My Post for the Deming Institute Blog: Why Dr. Deming’s Work is So Important to Me


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I'm extremely honored that The W. Edwards Deming Institute published my first blog post in a series of three that I've written for them, to be published over the next month or so.

The post is titled:

Why Dr. Deming's Work is So Important to Me

Please check out the post.

Here's a short excerpt:

“After business school, I ended up in organizations that didn't understand or didn't subscribe to the Deming philosophy and approach. I remember a colleague, also in her first year out of MIT, feeling crushed when her boss at Dell told her in her first annual review, “You deserve a ‘1' (the highest rating), but nobody is allowed to get a ‘1' in their first year, so you get a ‘2.'”

Later at Johnson & Johnson, I was a victim of “stack ranking,” where my earned rating of a “7” (out of 9… who dreams up these systems?) was knocked down to a “6” because too many people had been given a “7.” I asked, for my future improvement's sake, what I'd have to do to earn a “9” and was told by my manager that “nobody ever gets a 9.”

These different situations illustrate the “forces of destruction” that Dr. Deming wrote about so vividly.”

Read the whole post.

The second post to follow in the series will be:

The Failure of ‘The Livonia Philosophy' at my GM Plant,” where I reflect on my first job out of college at the Livonia Engine Plant. They had promised me a “Deming Philosophy” approach when I was interviewing for the job, but it turned out to be all in the past, sadly.

In the third post, titled “Reflections on Dr. Deming's Hospital Notes – What Has Changed Since 1990?,” I'll share thoughts on some notes Dr. Deming himself wrote during a 1987 hospital stay. John Hunter has already written about this document for the Deming Institute blog.

How has Dr. Deming's work affected your life and career?

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