A New Experiment: Highlights from my September Podcast with Steve Spear


I hope you're a regular listener to my Lean Blog Podcast series, where I've interviewed authors and Lean leaders since 2006.

I've been doing podcasts so long that they were trendy, then out of style, and now they've been fashionable again in recent years.

Some people give me feedback that they would just rather read than listen. I get that. I'm not really an audio book person, myself, but I do listen to a few other podcasts (about Lean and otherwise).

I've published full or partial transcripts for some episodes for free on the blog and I've also compiled others into an eBook that you can buy through LeanPub or the Kindle Store (note to self, update the eBook with the more recent podcasts).

I've had some people, including recent guest Tom Ehrenfeld, suggest that I share highlights from podcasts – quotes and short audio snippets that are shareable. That way, people who don't want to listen to a 45-minute discussion can get something out of it.

My first experiment was to compile highlights from Podcast #262 with Steve Spear.

Some of these highlights can be read in this LinkedIn article:

That page has some short audio snippets embedded, and you can also find them on a new Soundcloud channel that I've set up.

I hope that experiments like this make the great thoughts from my guests more accessible.

More highlights from this episode will follow in a future post.

If you have feedback or suggestions, please let me know. Are there old episodes you'd like to see get this treatment?

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