10 More Reasons to Come See Kaizen at Franciscan St. Francis Health This April


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Update — you can also learn more and register for our April 2016 event via www.KaizenLive.com.

Joe Swartz and I have been planning the first-ever workshop (a conference of sorts) where people can come see what a Kaizen culture, or a culture of continuous improvement, looks like at his health system, Franciscan St. Francis Health in Indianapolis.

It's designed to be a small event. We have ten people registered right now, with a few more committed, and we have space for up to 25 people total.

Click to learn more and register (the 2015 workshop was full, but the 2016 workshop has just opened for registration as of February 2, 2016).

Here are some reasons why you should attend:

1) Meet Sister Martha Ann! “The Green Belt Nun”


Sister Martha Ann is probably one of the few Catholic nuns who has her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification – and she uses it! This delightful sister helps with continuous improvement in the housekeeping department and you'll get a chance to meet her and talk to her as part of our agenda.

2) You Won't Be Bored By PowerPoint

The focus will be on conversations instead of presentations, so this isn't your typical workshop or conference. As one registrant said:

Thank you for putting this together. This is what people should be doing instead of going to conferences.”

I think conferences are great, but we want this to be a unique experience. Maybe we could say “this is what people should be doing IN ADDITION to going to conferences.”

We're planning discussions that aren't just focused on what Franciscan has done. We'll also talk about what YOU can do when you get back to your workplace. We'll also dive into topics like “Kaizen Coaching” and the use of electronic systems to help manage your improvement efforts.

3) Talk With Executives and Leaders

You'll get to hear from Franciscan executives and leaders from different levels talk about Kaizen and their culture of continuous improvement. What is the role of leaders? You'll get to ask them questions in an intimate setting.

4) You Don't Have to Work in Healthcare to Attend

We have an attendee who works in government and economic development. We think that's awesome and would encourage people from other industries who want to come see a great culture and discuss Kaizen with others who are figuring this out in their own organizations or industries.

5) Participate in Online Education and Community

With your registration, you'll get access to a private online course that covers the basics of Kaizen and continuous improvement. The course includes over an hour of video and slides that are synched together. You'll have access to this beyond April and you'll get to have online discussion with other attendees, myself, and Joe.

Listen to Mark read this post (learn more):

6) Go Visit Departments in the Hospital

We're planning on visiting three different departments, in small groups, so you can see first-hand how Kaizen works, what it looks like, and what people say. Leaders and staff will share what they're doing, how they create and sustain this excitement for improvement, and you'll get to hear about their challenges out in “the gemba.”

7) See the Smiling Faces of Kaizen


You'll get to meet staff members like Anndee who are beaming about their Kaizen improvements. They smile because they love their contributions to improving patient care and creating a better workplace. Staff like her have implemented more than 23,000 ideas since 2007. The star on Anndee's badge tells us that she's implemented and documented more than 200 Kaizens. She's a Kaizen star, to say the least.

You'll also get to meet staff members who are “Kaizen Crazy” as you visit their departments.

8) Save Money When You Bring a Team

Kaizen is rarely an individual effort. It's a team sport!

We want you to bring a team, so we have group pricing that allows you to bring three people for the price of two. And, if you bring more, that same rate gets extended to a larger group.

9) Meet the Leaders Who Help Make Kaizen Happen


You'll get to meet leaders like Paula who create the environment where staff can shine. That binder on her desk shows the hundreds of Kaizens that have been implemented in the NICU. In fact, they don't all fit in one binder.

You can also meet Rhonda, a pharmacy director, and you'll get to do Q&A with her and visit her department. You'll hear about how Kaizen helps save her time as she develops her people into being better problem solvers.

10) Meet Innovative People!


You might get to meet Kelly, an RN in the NICU, who built upon her Kaizen success to invent an innovative mattress cover and baby wrap that's used to protect babies from pressure ulcers and keep them more comfortable. Kaizen doesn't just tweak the existing process… getting people to participate also gets them thinking about new inventions (and the hospital is working to patent this one with her).

We hope you'll be able to attend. Learn more and register today while space is still available. Save 10% by using code LEANBLOG.

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