Why Lunch Can Be Annoying at the Sensei Cafe


Last week, I published my first cartoon collaboration with a skilled artist (and medical assistant), Carrie Schurman.

You might call that cartoon “Strategy Dog-ployment.”

None of us expect this to be a weekly thing, but sometimes you strike when inspiration hits.

Here is our latest collaboration, the “Sensei Cafe.”

sensei cafe with caption

Again, at the risk of killing the joke by explaining it…

I've heard stories about Toyota managers grilling their employees, respectfully, about their Kaizen ideas.

The manager (or you might call them a “sensei” if they are very senior and very well respected) would not just say yes or no to an employee idea. I've heard before that Toyota managers rarely say “yes” to something the first time. They'll ask questions. Do you really understand the root cause? What alternatives have you considered before deciding on a countermeasure to test?

The idea is that the sensei is trying to understand the thought process. It's not just “did you develop a good countermeasure?” but more of “how is your thinking?” That's a better way to develop people than just approving or disapproving (and coaching on) their answer.

I'm sure the guy at the counter is thinking, “Hey, I just want that patty melt.”

Anyway, hope you like the joke. The server is wearing a name tag that says “sensei.” A “Mississippi Muda” pie sounds pretty tasty, eh?

You can see more of Carrie's artwork on her Tumblr site: http://theorganconspiracy.tumblr.com/

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  1. George Harvey says

    As always, Ms. Carrie Howarth delivers. Bravo!

    1. Mark Graban says

      I think you mean “Brava” :-)

    2. Carrie Howarth says

      George’s fish avatar and all the food references are making me hungry! But which hunger countermeasure should I choose?

      1. Mark Graban says

        Does it depend on the root cause of your hunger?

        1. Carrie Howarth says

          I think you’re right! Grilled chicken salad may be an acceptable countermeasure for physical hunger that minimizes the downstream defect of weight gain, but would probably not be effective for psychological hunger.

          Although… a patty melt does sound really good right now :)

  2. Mark Graban says

    This could have also had a Toyota Kata type caption:

    “OK, but before I put your order in, I have to ask… what is your target condition? When can we go and see what you have learned from this meal?”

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