LeanBlog Video Podcast #9 – Dr. Sami Bahri, D.D.S.


Episode #9 is a new video discussion with Dr. Bahri, the “World's First Lean Dentist” (see also Video Podcast #5). Today we talk about lessons he has learned from touring factories and why focusing on single piece flow is a key to true Lean success, even for a dentist's office.

Update Oct 2010: There is a problem with the video, so please re-direct yourself to the audio version of the podcast: LeanBlog Podcast episode #82.

His book, Follow the Learner, is available from the Lean Enterprise Institute. You can also watch an archived webinar that he presented (archive here), along with some text Q&A follow ups that were recently posted.

This is the same discussion as the audio LeanBlog Podcast episode #82.

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  1. Mark Graban says

    Dr. Bahri also did a lengthier podcast (30 minutes or so) with Joe Dager (@Business901 on twitter)


  2. Mark R. Bedford DDS says

    Jordan Bedford sent this podcast to me and he has also sent Follow The Leaner. Although these concepts are quit foreign to me I fell as though they would be very useful once I have had a chance to study them. I am about half way through the book and have talked to Jordan about maybe visiting Dr. Bahri at some point in the future. My personal practice is part time and has a “relaxed” atmosphere, but I also own a very large practice that employees several doctors, assistants, hygienists, and administrative personnel. I also work with a management consultant who I am sure would be interested in these concepts.

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