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LeanBlog Podcast #18 – Eric Christiansen, “A Deming Company”


Here is Episode #18 of the LeanBlog Podcast. My guest today is Eric Christiansen, the President of a translation services company, OmniLingua (more can be found here on their philosophy as a company, being a self-described “Deming Company.) I was interested in talking with Eric about what it means to be a “Deming Company” and about their implementation of “wiki” tools (ala Wikipedia) for managing their standard work and process documentation.

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Show Notes and Approximate Time, Episode #18

  • 1:30 Introducing Eric and his company
  • 3:15 What does it mean to be a “Deming company?”
  • 3:40 The Deming System of Profound Knowledge
  • 4:00 The owner of OmniLingua had worked directly with Deming and appreciated the people aspects of his philosophy, how do you treat people with respect?
  • 4:40 Has the annual review been abolished? Sales commissions were abolished, as well as production bonus plans. OmniLingua has a company-wide profit sharing plan instead.
  • 5:15 More examples of the Deming philosophy in day-to-day life, including long-term sole-source supplier relationships
  • 7:00 Is there still internal competition?
  • 7:45 “Are we hiring salespeople who can't sell?” by not having commissions
  • 8:40 How have lean methods evolved at OmniLingua?
  • 10:15 Standard work within the company and the evolution into the use of “Wiki” technology for standard work
  • 13:30 How they modified the process to allow some addition revision and ownership control (after an ISO audit)
  • 15:00 How did it work when everybody had access to modify the standard work documentation?
  • 17:00 How many people have access to the different standard work documents?
  • 19:00 With a Word-document based standard work, people wanted to fancy them up, Wiki keeps people focused on the content
  • 21:30 Deployment started last November (2005)

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