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jerry smallMy guest for Episode #203 (and for Part 2 of our discussion in episode #207) is Chris Jerry, founder of The Emily Jerry Foundation.  The foundation was created in the aftermath of the tragic death of his daughter, Emily – a preventable medical error caused by a number of factors and bad systems. You can read Emily’s story here.

I first learned about this tragedy a few years back and I blogged about it: “A Pharmacist’s Jail Cell Interview – What Good Does Blame Do?” Some people ask, “Why are you defending a pharmacist who screwed up and killed a sweet little girl?” The main victims were, of course, Emily and her family. That doesn’t mean that a simplistic response of punishing and jailing one person will do anything to protect other patients in the future… and Chris Jerry agrees with that view.

I saw Chris speak at a conference earlier this year and we finally found an opportunity to record a podcast after talking about this for a few years off and on. The story is powerful and I admire Chris for his work and advocacy to help others — as a way of honoring Emily and her life and memory.

In this first part, Chris tells the story of what happened. I’ll release the remaining audio as either one or two more parts in future podcast episodes.

Emily Jerry

Emily Jerry

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  1. I nerved myself up to listen today. Many thanks to you and to Chris Jerry for sharing this incident. Chris made a brave choice to seek the root cause instead of vindictively blaming Pharmacy for the error. Nothing will ever replace your precious little girl, but knowing that you helped prevent harm to other children can bring meaning to her death.

  2. Very moving podcast – particularly for someone like me who is lucky to be a father of two girls. The world needs more parents/patients/family members who respond constructively, like Chris, in the aftermath of a serious adverse clinical event. I look forward to part 2 and learning more about Chris’s work in founding the Emily Jerry Foundation.

    And thank you Mark for these awesome podcasts – they have converted my commute from wasted time to a part of the day that I look forward to!

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