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Full List of Shingo Prize for Research Winners Announced

Award Recipients - The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence - shingoprize.org The full list of winners has been released. Congratulations to all! It's personally quite...

Starbucks Tests "Lean" Operations In Some Stores

Starbucks Gossip: Starbucks tests "lean" operations in Ohio and Kentucky stores We've known for some time that Starbucks has been trying to figure out how...

Management "Moonshots." Really?

by Dan MarkovitzGary Hamel's Management 2.0 blog at WSJ.com features his ideas for "Management Moonshots" -- 25 ambitious and radical ideas that will significantly...

Welcome to the Blog World, John Shook!

LEAN.org - Lean Enterprise InstituteJohn Shook is one of my favorite people in the Lean world. I've learned more about Toyota-style leadership from him...

Managing to Learn, from John Shook

Managing to Learn: Using the A3 management process to solve problems, gain agreement, mentor, & leadPublished by the Lean Enterprise Institute, John Shook has...

Lean in a Moose Jaw Hospital

Auto industry process revs up efficiency No, not a hospital for moose -- a hospital in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. The Five Hills Health Region is...

Q&A With the Lean Dentist, Part 2

Here is a follow up to Part 1 of the recent Q&A I've facilitated with our friend, Dr. Bahri. Thanks to the blog...

A Good Quote (from 1882!)

I'm prepping for a presentation I'm giving next week on Lean leadership styles and I ran across tihs great quote that John Shook shared...

John Shook TWI Presentation

Presentation Link from TWI SummitThanks to Blog reader Jeff for sending this along. Jeff sends glowing reports about the first ever TWI Summit...

Womack and Shook Leadership Webinar

Here is an archived webinar with Jim Womack and John Shook, brought to us by the Lean Enterprise Institute, titled "Lean Management and the...

Lean in New Zealand

New Zealand's source for business, stock market & currency news on Stuff.co.nzHere is a decent lean overview, which includes a visit by John Shook...

Misunderstandings About Value Stream Mapping, Flow Analysis, and Takt Time

LEI Features Excellent article (registration required, Word Doc) written by well-known Toyota expert and author John Shook.