Ryan McCormack’s Operational Excellence Mixtape: May 7, 2021


Thanks as always to Ryan McCormack for this… there's always so much good reading, listening, and viewing shared here by him!

News, blogs, articles, resources, and links about creating value, continuous improvement, innovation, and leadership.

Healthcare – Creating Value for Patients

Medical records don't tell the patient's true story, but rather represent a biased, jargon-filled translation of the voice of the patient.  The patient's narrative is never written down by Dr. Greg Schmidt.

Speaking of the limitations of communications in healthcare, Our Health System Is Failing Patients with Limited English

Ten digital priorities for NHS patient safety

Operational Excellence

If you Google “Lean Manufacturing” you will see a lot of jargon about eliminating waste.  But, The One, True Lean Goal: Improving Customer Value.

Remember how every company in the 90's was striving for “maximizing shareholder value”?  Steve Denning warns us that “Value Creation” is “Maximizing Shareholder Value” in a thinly-veiled disguise.

Interesting Wall Street Journal article Auto Makers Retreat From 50 Years of ‘Just in Time' Manufacturing

Many people continue to make unnecessary or unhelpful distinctions between continuous improvement and innovation, especially in an IT setting.  Here's a case where a CIO embraces kaizen as an innovation mindset in  Northwestern Mutual CIO takes incremental approach to IT innovation.

Automation is sometimes seen as an opportunity to divest of humans and the associated risk of human error.  But there is a paradox when it comes to automating (planes in this case) – more automation means more training

Can scientific thinking reign supreme (again)?  Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks so.

Leading & Enabling Excellence

You aren't going to find new ideas or capabilities by focusing on averages – pay attention to outliers.  Strategists: Stop Obsessing about Averages

Lateral moves have their own challenges.  How to Manage ‘Invisible Transitions' in Leadership

Coaching – Developing Self & Others

What If Getting Great Results Doesn't Have To Be So Hard?

Keeping Meaning Alive As Your Workload Surges

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Greg McKeown discusses his new book Effortless on Coaching for Leaders episode  The Invitation to Stop Trying So Hard, with Greg McKeown

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