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I host a podcast about mistakes (My Favorite Mistake) and I make mistakes all the time.

One mistake I have NOT made is laminating my Covid vaccination card.

Many mistakes are well intended, as would be the case here. I understand that you want to protect your vaccination record, but many experts say that laminating it is a bad idea.

Why You Shouldn't Laminate Your Vaccine Card – AARP

Keep Your COVID-19 Vaccine Card Safe But Don't Laminate It

Why You Should Never Laminate Your COVID-19 Vaccine Card

The AARP article says:

“Georges C. Benjamin, 68, executive director of the American Public Health Association, counsels against laminating your vaccination record. That's chiefly because that card has blank spaces to record future shots, whether the second dose of a two-dose regimen or a booster shot should one become necessary. Sealing the card in plastic would prevent the vaccine provider from adding such information to the original card.”

The need for booster shots is a very real possibility.

One article recommends that you take a digital photo of your card. And, there are records kept about the vaccinations, so if you lose or damage your card, it doesn't mean you lose all proof of vaccination.

One of the owners of my long-time blog sponsor, StoreSMART, was kind enough to send me some vaccination card COVERS that fit the card perfectly. You can easily insert and remove your card, as you can see here:

Tip: Don't post a photo of the front of your card with your personal information online…

StoreSMART is selling these:

Clear Plastic Pocket for Medical & Vaccine Cards

For a quantity of 10 to 24, they are $1.49 each. You might want to buy a set for your family or for your team at work.

StoreSMART is generously offering to give away up to 50 sets of 10 to readers of this blog.

To enter, fill out this contest form by Friday, May 14th.

Thanks for your interest and thanks for entering!

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